The Story of Max

Max is a seven year old mixed breed labrador and pitbull that is a rescue from the San Antonio. He is one of the sweetest animals I have ever dealt with, and although he is very large and full of energy, he is highly intelligent and picks up commands quickly.

When Max was first looking to be adopted, many potential parties were scared off by the fact that he was part pitbull. I understand there is a stigma about these dogs, but Max exemplifies the sweet and loyal nature of these animals, and if you train them and work with them from a young age, these dogs can be some of the most fulfilling companions you can find in a pet.

When I first began fostering Max, he was very aggressive, but in a playful way where he always wanted to play. He had issues jumping on visitors and trying to lick them in the face. After several months of working with him, Max eventually refined his behavior through structured training and practice. Max was eventually adopted by a young attorney in the area, and he has been a part of that happy family for 6 years now.

It is important to be aware of a dog with aggressive tendencies, but it is also important to not automatically assume a dog is overly aggressive just because of its breed. Pitbulls are very sweet natured and among the most loyal of dogs an owner could ask for. Proper attention and training can resolve the majority of their issues with aggression, but it is important to train them at a young age and have the dogs in an environment that is structured and compassionate.

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